Expert Events

World Class Event Support,
Seattle + Everywhere

We are Seattle + Everywhere, and we’re pleased to meet.

We’re the secret weapon that makes your event look awesome, and we’re thrilled to think about how we can help you achieve your entertainment and event production goals. We’re still getting started under the name, but before all the dust settles we already know a few things in our bones.

We’re Systems Oriented People

We are logical, methodical, well-reasoned, and most importantly, experienced. We have a reason (usually three) behind every decision, and we thrive at the tenuous intersection of consensus and direction because we understand that while everybody must have a voice, somebody must also take the lead.

We’re Detail Oriented Professionals

We are obsessed with excellence, because we understand that great work breeds more great work. We refuse to believe event production is an inherently last-minute/11th-hour industry, and while we’re ready to work under tight deadlines, we understand that professionals with any longevity have strategies to avoid it.

We’re More Than Just A Funny Name

Seattle + Everywhere inherently evokes home, but recognizes that today’s world has fewer boundaries than ever and great work is limited to no place in particular. We know where we start, but we never know where it will take us and we’re thrilled to imagine what might be next. Here’s to Everywhere!