Data + Networking

Sometimes You Need Internet In Really Funny* Places

*Corn Fields, Aircraft Hangars & Dense Areas To Name A Few

Live-streams for millions, WiFi for thousands, or just getting everybody through the gates in time—virtually every aspect of today’s events rely on data systems. No matter the specific challenge, with a broad enough network of vendors and ISP relationships, there’s a solution to every challenge. The trick is speaking the language, connecting the dots, and perhaps most importantly, understanding it in a live event context.

Fluent in “Data”

Don’t Sweat If You Can’t Distinguish A Bit From A Byte

Demo Network TopographyThe important part is you have friends who can, and by working with ISPs, venues, and data vendors we’ll help steer your event data system to the most reliable and cost effective solution we can find. So the next time your sponsor tells you they need “a hundred megs symmetrical”, give us a call and we’ll be happy to translate. Think of us as your very own C3-PO.

Experienced With Most Major ISPs


Site Studies & RF/WiFi Surveys

How Will RF Interference Affect Your Event?

Data - Spectrum AnalysisEvents tend to happen in busy places—places that tend to be full of RF interference. That’s why surveying your venue’s RF spectrum is a critical step in building a bulletproof network—so that nothing is left to chance and we know what we’re walking into.