How We Communicate

We’re Digital Communicators

And email is the best way to keep all the important bits about our project in black and white.

Along those lines, we’ll use email to send project drafts and discuss updates. You’ll almost always receive project proofs as PDFs, or other common and universal formats. Once you’ve had a chance to review the draft, use one of the two options below to communicate your edits!

Two Great Ways To Communicate Changes

Screen Recordings

Using the free online tool Screencast-O-Matic, you can record your computer screen while you talk through the changes you’d like to see. This method has the benefits of an in-person conference, but doesn’t rely on anybody needing to sync up conference schedules.

Using this easy tool, you can record yourself scrolling around the PDF versions from your own screen, narrate the changes you need to see, and easily share the video back to document project updates.

Ink + Photo/Scan

Ideally done with red ink, this old-school method is for our kinesthetic friends. Simply print out sheets of the project and scribble your updates. This pen-and-paper process is great for working ideas out in real-time, or sending multiple variations.

When it comes time to share your updates, either scan it into a PDF, or snap a pic with your cameraphone. As long as your image is legible, we’ll be good to go!

S+E Client Portal
For some projects, we’ll set up a client portal where you can log in to review the latest project deliverables, keep tabs on budgets, and offer feedback. These accounts are established case-by-case—your Project Manager has more details.