How We Work

The best projects are Iterative—built on tons of small, incremental refinements.

By staying in regular and effective communication, we’ll work through many revisions to hone your vision and refine your show or event.

Some projects have only a handful of revisions, but some might see 40, 50, or more. By revising often and maximizing our project runway, we can reduce misunderstanding, anticipate difficulty, and do very cool things.

Plus, We’re Freaky Methodical In Everything We Do

Step O. Defining Project Goals

This is the most important step, and it’s where we define what we’re producing. Will it be a technical project where we need to work high-accuracy, complex rigging and elaborate tech, or is this more of a marketing project where the goal is to create beautiful client and public-facing designs for your proposals, pre-production, and event?
  • How soon is the project due?
  • Is it a Technical or Marketing project?
  • How many of the details are known/unknown?
  • In what format/style does the Project need to be delivered?

Step 1. Collecting Source Files & Synthesizing Info

Beginning with the information and source files you’re able to supply, we’ll clean up and synthesize whatever other details we can dig up. If you don’t have native versions, we’ll generate them by calling venues, searching GIS databases, or studying vendor and equipment catalogues.
  • Do you have native file formats, or do we need to generate them?
  • How many variants/activations/elements need to be included?
  • Who are the stakeholders, and how many levels of approval are are needed in order to make key decisions?
  • How many revisions or rounds of feedback/editing to you foresee?

Step 2. Extending Documents & Creating Variations

This is where things get interesting, and once we have coherent source files we can begin extending them into all sorts of areas including vendor maps, permitting maps, sponsor maps, and even public-facing and print-ready versions for marketing & on-site collateral.
  • Who are the intended audiences for this project?
  • Do your Sponsors, VIPs, or other important parties need their own versions with certain elements highlighted or suppressed?
  • Will you require Source Files, White-Labelling, or other custom options?

Step 3. Export & Publishing

Ultimately looking toward Day of Show, how will you need this project presented to the world? We can develop documents for venue relations, labor crews, vendor leads and more. We can make big/small, digital/printed versions, adaptable for virtually any use.
  • What formats do you need the project delivered in—paper or digital?
  • How many different variations of the document do you need?
  • For CAD projects, do you need multiple layout sizes—letter, tabloid, ARCH-E, etc.?

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