CAD + Drafting

World Class Events Begin with Bulletproof Plans

From the Fire Marshall to the decorator, everybody
loves when things go according to plan.

As an event producer, clear and accurate event drawings are your first line of defense against confusion and surprises. Cohesive and seamless events begin when everybody shares an accurate, current, and detailed portrait of the show.

Precise and clean drawings make it effortless
to conceptualize, iterate and refine your vision.

And when it comes time to sell the vision to your team, your client, your sponsors or your enterprise, we’ll make sure you’re dressed for success with companion PDFs, printed collateral, and slideshow presentations.

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We Draw Rooms

Especially important for scalable or roadshow events, our room level CAD models integrate all core elements—data, decor, hospitality, egress, AV, etc.—into one clear and intuitive map set. These highly-annotated drawings help ensure all vendors begin and remain on the same page.

We Draw Venues

For venue-wide events, we’ve developed methods that combine multiple event areas across several venue floors, generating one cohesive event CAD model. This can improve accuracy, minimize workload, and most importantly re-generate hundreds of beautiful PDF drawing sheets with each revision.

We Draw Cities

We can generate accurate CAD models of most United States cities by using GIS databases and publicly available geographical information. Downtown festivals, urban activations, and large-scale conferences benefit when event drawings can reference many city blocks at a time.

CAD for Permitting + Public Safety

Public Safety & Permitting Professionals Love Clear Plans


Clear event drawings help speed up the permitting process by establishing intent, reducing misunderstanding, and ensuring that stakeholders remain on the same page. By going into your show with vetted egress maps, contingency maps and site surveys, you’ll have unmatched day-of-show confidence that nothing is left to chance.

Site Surveys & Event Mapping

We’ve Drawn Venues From Scratch & We Can Do It Again!

Regardless of whether you’re starting with hyper-accurate .dwg CAD files, or you’ve got a venue in mind but no measurements or maps, (and even if “DWG” is greek to you!) you’re covered. From festivals in fields to complex urban events, get in touch today to talk about the options! We’ll use measurement lasers at ground level and satellite imagery from the sky to refine an increasingly accurate CAD model of your event!

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